War on Terror: Part Three?

With the world’s attention on the violent civil war in Libya, who will rescue intervene?

It is easy to see it is only a matter of time before some of the world’s more powerful and influential nations openly pick a side in the North Africa conflict and decide its time to step in.  There have already been talks of supposed no fly zones and U.N. resolutions, but the real question is which side will come out victorious and perhaps even more importantly who do the powers-at-be want to see come out of the fighting on top.

With talks of American involvement or enforcement of no fly zones or sanctions, it is certain to cause some problems back home what with the two quagmired foreign wars already going on in Iraq and Afghanistan.    With both parties hounding a patient approach and desiring little intervention, no one can know which way Obama will ultimately lean.  One thing is assured, the deploying of any American troops into another warzone will most certainly cause serious domestic problems back in the states.

Despite the World’s “tip-toeing” around the issue and many people’s understandable restraints about getting involved in another messy conflict, the human side of the war and the devastation being wreaked upon many innocent Libyan civilians is certainly heart-wrenching.  The tales of Sub-Saharan mercenaries gunning down “wily-nily” whoever they want and Gadhafi’s air support bombing cities unequivocally run headlines across the globe as human empathy is sure to weigh in on whatever is ultimately decided to be done about the fighting.  With such atrocities being seen in the media it remains a matter of time before nations or organizations (such as NATO or the U.N. or the Arab League) step in and do something concrete about the issue and ultimately pick a side.

With sorrow for the victims yet restraint insofar as stepping in, this administration’s decision will be undoubtedly hard to make.  With that being said: what do you all think your respective governments should or shouldn’t do in regards to the Libyan Civil War?  Should the U.N. put a stronger foot forward or should a “local” organization such as the Arab League or African Union step in?  Do you echo the American’s reluctance to step forward as they have in Iraq and Afghanistan? Looking forward to some lively debates and opinions below!


~ by cody689 on March 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “War on Terror: Part Three?”

  1. Thank you for writing this post, because at the moment not many people are seriously considering the possibility of war. A war in an oil rich country like Libya could push oil prices to even higher levels, and cause somewhat of a depression in the United States. You are right in saying that America has a difficult choice to make, and I hope they make the right decision.
    I wrote an interesting piece about it here…

    • Thanks for the feedback!
      Yes, looking back towards 2003 who foresaw a 7+ year conflict in Iraq? I think the same outcome “could” happen in Libya as the situation continues to worsen. As you mentioned the economic situation would deteriorate even more as a result and the U.S. might end up in dire straights. I like how in your blog you allude to the strain of being a lone superpower and I agree that will most certainly contribute heavily to Obama’s eventual decision.
      I just subscribed to your blog and am looking to forward to more awesome articles! Thanks for the feedback again!

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