The Beginning: 2012…Hope for the Conservatives?

A Good Chance for the GOP in the 2012 Election?

Will the Democrat’s “Obamadible” President have a guaranteed victory in ’12?

With Obama’s approval rating dropping to 45-48% does the Republican Party sense an opening or will Obama essentially win by default?  That’s the million dollar question these days, as a horde of candidates stealthy wait in the eaves to declare their bids for the White House. It is odd that an incumbent, especially one in such a “seemingly” weak position, is finding it hard to locate opponents to his seemingly assured bid to run for reelection.  Certainly one would think his own party might be hesitant to provide challengers, however the GOP’s lack of openly committed candidates must inspire confidence for the Democrats as they gear up.

Who then would even consider a run that most are viewing as a sure win for the “blues”?  Perhaps the “Rogue” herself or the “Stormin’ Mormon” Mitt Romney?  Or America’s favorite Fox News Personality Mike “Huck Finn” Huckabee?  None of these big contenders from ’08 seem to be eager to shout out their candidacy.  Who blame them though with comfy television spots or pricey book deals, who wants to leave such comfort for the hard campaign trail against an incumbent who is heavily favored?  Not to mention the two lingering wars and economic downturn that certainly do not provide a healthy atmosphere for the Republican’s platform.

With the hesitancy of a sure challenger to appear from either aisle, perhaps a better question is which candidates are gearing up for a bid in 2016 when no incumbent looms over the election.  Most certainly Mr. Huckabee with his Fox News gig can use the time to chip away at the Dem’s faults and who can blame Mrs. Palin for leaving “her Alaska”?  Even Hillary with her Sec. of State gig can use her current standing as leverage and world experience as a big boost in the ’16 Presidential bid, not to mention the multitude of serious and not so serious (Trump 2012/2016) challengers who will most certainly come out of the woodwork ready for a go at the White House.  A House which will hopefully be surrounded by a better economic and political climate in 5+ years.  Only time will tell, but one can be assured that 2016 is marked on both parties calendars as time goes by…

Nothing like some divisive/contentious U.S. politics to start off the blog, eh?
P.S. Please Chime in with some feedback in the comments section since this is my first post!


~ by cody689 on March 9, 2011.

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